Roof Coating NJ

NJ Roof Coating

Erick Construction also provides commercial roof coatings as an energy saving solution. Throughout our history we have provided residents of New Jersey with a solution that has saved them money over the years. That solution is roof coating.

Many times we have seen that when properly maintained, and serviced every 10 or so years, the roof survives for much longer without need for replacement. We can use the roof coating strategy on roofs of many kinds, including but not limited to gravel, EPDM, flat roofs and more.

Erick Construction NJ’s roof coating service can also be considered an environmentally friendly solution for a couple of reasons. First it helps you to save on energy consumption, and it can render replacement of a roof unnecessary, reducing waste! Read more to find out about these features of roof coating.

Energy Saving Answer to a Leaking Roof


New Jersey residents see the entire spectrum of weather, from T-storms, to freezing rain and nor’easterns, and now the recently popular hurricane! So it’s no wonder that NJ roofs need proper maintenance. Roof coatings provide landlords and building owners with a number of benefits. These benefits include water proofing (If you have a leak, roof coat!) preventing future leaks, and helping to control climate as the roof coat can deflect light and heat. Roof coating can even qualify for a tax deduction! So weigh your options carefully and you will see that roof coating is the right thing to do in NJ. Erick Construction is the right company to take care of your roof coating needs!

So if you’re anywhere in New Jersey, and believe that a roof coating job could be a solution for your property, then call us, and we’ll provide you with a competitive quote and high quality service. Don’t stress, and leave it up to Erick Construction to deliver high quality roof coating and many other services to your property in New Jersey.