Siding NJ

Erick Construction’s expert team of NJ siding contractors has a tried and true history of providing siding in New Jersey. When you choose us as your siding contractor you get a guaranteed return on investment. Our siding contractors can install siding in NJ at affordable prices and ensure your home’s energy efficiency.

Siding helps to protect your home against a variety of threats including weather, rodents, and pests. Many types of siding such as vinyl, metal, and wood can be used on a siding project. Where you live plays a big part in figuring out the type of siding you need, but regardless of what siding you choose, it will be crucial to protecting your house.

Whatever siding installation you choose will prevent certain disasters like molding, dust mites, and bacteria. Without protecting your home from these threats, you put you and your family at risk for health problems such as allergic and respiratory problems. Without adequate siding, you may let snow, rain, or any other type of moisture penetrate your siding and the moisture will slowly break down other more sensitive areas of your entire house.

When deciding on what type of siding to install, make sure you choose your siding carefully with the weather and its elements in mind. A carefully chosen siding will not only protect your house but also your family’s health and safety.

Whether your goal is to increase the beauty, value, safety, or durability of your home, our team of New Jersey siding contractors will help you to make the best decision and make sure your improvement project is everything you wanted it to be. Call us today at 973 343 1167 and let our experts know what you need. We’re confident that you will be satisfied with your decision.

For an overview of our Siding services see our available products below.

  • Lap Shingles & Vertical Siding
  • Vinyl
  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Wood
  • Large Selection of Colors and Styles Available